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Our Model

ߣƵ will recruit, employ and host an apprentice/trainee to your business. We take care of most things except the day-to-day supervision and on-the-job training. ߣƵ is the legal employer and as such, we take care of the bureaucracy and paperwork leaving you to train your up-and-coming employee.

ߣƵ will also provide a dedicated mentor to visit your apprentice/trainee at your site regularly and provide ongoing support to your new member of staff but also to you as the host business. This relationship ensures a smooth running of all parties, including safeguarding that your apprentice/trainee keeps on top of their academic commitments alongside meeting their workday requirements. This process guarantees that problems are ironed out before they become issues.

Recruitment Services

finding suitable candidates, background checks and first interviews before sending candidates to you for second interviews.

Apprentice Mentoring

via our structured mentoring program we support apprentices for the duration of their training.

Payroll and HR

we manage it all. All you need to do is approve weekly timesheets and we will make sure the apprentice is paid correctly each week. Superannuation and taxation is also handled by us.

Workers compensation insurance

the apprentice is on our books, so your premiums won’t change, and we manage the Return To Work in the event of an injury.


we liaise with TAFE and RTO teachers to monitor and support academic progress whilst keeping you in the loop.


if the situation changes or does not work out, we take the apprentice back and work with them.

Your Commitment

As mentioned, we take care of most things involved in employing your apprentice or trainee, except the day-to-day supervision and on-the-job training. This means you get to mould your new employee in the best shape for your business!

This is what you commit to when taking on an apprentice/trainee through us:

  • Providing practical and industry-specific training.
  • Providing a safe work environment.
  • Provide appropriate qualified supervision.
  • Advising your ߣƵ representative of any issues around performance or attendance.


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